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I am a 39-year-old, disabled female veteran who has surpassed many obstacles. I currently hold a degree in Social Behavior, Cardiovascular Sonography, and am working on a Bachelor's in Psychology. I have self-taught myself to reframe my mentality and push myself to achieve all my goals regardless of the obstacles. Through my knowledge and experience, I look to empower women in their journeys, particularly through the Veteran Women Empowerment initiative.


Read about my journey from being a Broken Bunnie to Motto Bunnie.



In a quick moment, I went from achieving a lifelong dream to spiraling out of control. It only took a couple of traumatic events to set..


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While I was in boot camp, I injured myself. But I fought through to not get dropped.


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Welcome to Motto Moves Podcast. Listen, Learn, and Join in on Motto Bunnie Bloggs as she takes you down her life's journeys, struggles, and survivals. Be part of a motivated, moving community that will help you grow, heal, and succeed. Trauma doesn't have to define you; learn to transform your life by transforming your mind. Join our Female Veteran Support Network to connect with like-minded women who are dedicated to empowering each other and overcoming life's challenges together.