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Battered Life

When my spouse returned from deployment it was a mixed feeling of joy and discomfort. His time away created many issues for all of us. There were things that happened while he was away that should have really made me question our marriage. But I think I was young and stupid to be honest. And I just wanted to leave my house. The first weekend back was eventful. We had an incident at home, my mother witnessed him flirting with cashiers in front of both of us and she did not appreciate that one bit. I mean neither did I, but it was a bone to pick later, since this was the behavior that caused issues for us during deployment any way, along with other things.

When we arrived home my mother had a talk with me and told me she didn't want me leaving with him. He told me that it wasn't a good idea and that basically I would regret it, because he would cheat and potentially physically hurt me. To me this seemed crazy, we were literally just going to hang out. This turned ugly in a split second; my mother and spouse were literally fighting over me.

The next weekend we had a similar encounter, I came home from work to see her and a friend in the living room looking through my photo albums. When I asked what they were doing with my stuff, she just blew me off. I came home to find some things in my room rummaged through. I was so upset, I grabbed my stuff and left. I didn't care about the wedding agreement. That was bound to happen in a month or so. So, I packed my shit and left.

We moved into our place a month early and it was a total mess in there. But I was introduced to one of the wife's, who is now one of my close friends. She committed to help me get settled in. Soon after, I started to receive treatment on base for my injuries on base. It was fucking brutal. I had physical therapy almost every day. I was so happy to finally get treated, but it was excruciatingly painful. So painful that I was put on Vicodin, and Motrin for the pain.

As a short time passed, life as a married couple was difficult. With little pay, one broke down car, things were rough. A lot of stressful and unfortunate things happened, so we never had our religious wedding. And I had a falling out with my family. So, for me concentrating on my health was a priority. All of this madness had to be worthy of my plans and sacrifices.

One day at home, I bring up the fact that I am so happy about treatment, and I can't wait to make significant progress to re-enlist in the Marine Corps. And my spouse tells me "That's not happening". I was confused and pissed, and asked for clarification, thinking this was a joke or something, I didn't know what to think. He tells me in a laughing tone that I was crazy to ever thing he was going to let me re-enlist. As an argument ensues, he grabs me and throws me for the first time. And as I get up to confront him, he smacks me away and laughs asking me what I really think I am going to do? He mocks my size in comparison to his. Things get heated, I run to the room and cry on my knees, sobbing that my mom was right. And he basically tells me to shut the fuck up and stop being dramatic. And this is merely the beginning of my battered life story.

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