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Divorce, Custody and everything in between.

I was in an abusive marriage for so many years. Many people on the outside do not really understand what that is like. Abuse isn't only about the physical aspect. There is so much fear and manipulation that it becomes an internal struggle to make the decision to leave. I endured abuse even throughout my pregnancy. During this time, I realized that not only did he have no regard for me but for our daughter. I wasn't until after I gave birth to her and that we moved in with my mother that things started to change within me. Not immediately, but slowly. After he was discharged, we lived with my mother. And it wasn't long before he started cheating again, micro- aggressively abusive. I didn't take long for me to decide that it was my opportunity to get out of that situation. I knew that I didn't want my daughter to live in that situation and abusive environment. I was able to file a restraining order, sometime after separation and soon after the divorce proceedings began. I really thought that things would be smooth sailing after that. I really wanted to believe that my nightmare was over. But was I wrong, it was only the beginning of a different level of abuse and bullying. I learned that once a liar always a liar, once a bully always a bully, once a cheater always a cheater, and once an abuser alway

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