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Motrin, Water and Clean Socks

When it comes to the military and injured service members treatment seems to look the same across the board. Most times we are taught to suck it up and move on, because there is no space for taking time off. The problem with that is, that it creates a plethora of issues. Not only are we ignoring injuries, and conditions; but we are creating a negative environment for our service members. The care of injured service members is not discriminated against by branch, but it has been my experience that it is by gender. I collaborated with a fellow female veteran on one of the latest podcast episodes. It turns out that while were serving in different branches at different times with similar injuries, her and I both received similar treatment. We saw and felt the discrimination between us and our male counterparts. It is important to address and acknowledge that these issues still exist and is one of the reasons why the same injuries, and conditions continue to affect female service members. We came down to the conclusion that it is important that gear is created to better fit women. Men and women are obviously not built the same therefor the way the gear bears on our body is more immediately harming then the males. This is not to disregard the fact that with time, the wear and tear of our bodies will happen because of gear and training. But, we believe that this will be the first preventative step for future female service members. We joke about the unrealistic treatment expectations like taking our 800mg Motrin, staying hydrated and most importantly changing your sock; because clean socks is the cure all. Correction, Motrin, Water and Clean socks is the life saving trifecta of the military. It's the cure all, for all ailments injuries. And while we laugh at it now, it is really what were asked to do when were hurt. How can we make movement towards this change so less female vets have to cut their military careers short due to these injuries? Help us be the change.

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