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My Motto Mommy Childrens Book

Welcome to the My Motto Mommy Series. The original book which was the Marine Corps version was inspired from my family's personal experiences with my mental health healing process. This book is written from the perspective of my children, they have openly expressed to me how I made them feel and I felt that it was important to share with the world in hopes that this would help other families going through similar situations. It is important for me to be able to support and advocate for women. The original idea was to create a resource and support for healing female veterans. But as we all know trauma and PTSD is not only related to the military and war. I then decided to also make a general version of the book.

For some this book might seem a bit strong for children, but those of us that are healing alongside our family understand it to its core. I believe that in order to heal we have to be able to be open and honest. We cannot hide the ugly or the difficult. This is the only way to get to the core and really be able to heal. PTSD and healing are that. It is open and honest and a bit sad, but not forever, because healing occurs. And that is the beauty of this book and of life. Things can always get better, and they do. Writing this book was such a beautiful but also painful experience. I hate the things that my family and children had to experience while I was able to get help. But I am glad that we have grown so much that we can openly discuss it. And together we were able to create this book, that was made with lots of love from my loved ones to yours.

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