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My Motto Mommy Marine Corps Birthday Book: HONORING Military Family Month and Marine Corps Birthday.

It’s November!!!! It’s an eventful month for military and veteran families. It is Military Family appreciation month, Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans Day and last but not least, Thanksgiving. Every November I am grateful to be able to celebrate all these things that are so important to me and my family. This year to honor my fellow Marines and Marine Corps Birthday I decided to write a children’s book about the traditions and celebration. Every year at home we celebrate on November 10th, sometimes we go out to eat, or make someone’s favorite meal. I make sure to have cake and it’s kind of a big deal for the kids. My kids and husband wish me a happy birthday. And Hubby and I have a couple drinks to celebrate. The initial idea of the book was more educational, but as I began, I realized I wanted to share how we celebrate as a family too. I am always proud of my work and feel that It’s meaningful work since most my work is about mental health. But this one was a bit different, and I am just so happy with the outcome. I was able to incorporate both ceremonial traditions and personal celebrations, I am excited for families to be able to share and read it. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope this book contributes to the meaning of this month to all service members and veteran member families. To all my fellow Marines, Semper Fi! And Happy Birthday!

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