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Of Course, I struggle. I just don't quit.

Welcome to season three of this blog. The seasons just fly by, actually this January has flown by. I haven't seen not one person post about January being the longest month of the year. January is almost over and just like that this new year is already starting to fly by. Like I mentioned before I am not a new year, new me type of girl. My husband says that I am impulsive, which to a certain extent I agree with. But I think that I am more of a take charge type of person. I like to take action, if I wait and contemplate most likely it won't happen. To me it's a mentality thing. You have to train your mind the way you train any other muscle. The more you teach it to wait, the more of a procrastinator you will become. At least that is what I feel happens to me. The more I wait, the more I become okay with not taking action. I think that I embrace the new year with thoughts of how I can better what I am already doing. Because I try to be consistent with my daily routine, I don't feel like I have to engage in a whole new set of tasks. But for those that feel like the new year is the way to start on new projects and goals, I support that. To each their own. It is important to understand that in life nothing is ever going to be perfect. So, if mid-year you have some bumps in the road, do not let that derail you from your path. Life will always throw you curve balls, it's your decision how you're going to deal with it. A pebble in the road does not mean that you have to quit, it just means that you might have a slight delay. There is no timeline remember that. The finish line is always going to be at the same place. It's about crossing it, not racing to it. My life has always been what I call a "disaster". And I don't say that in a negative manner at all, I just mean that I have always had to function and succeed in less than favorable conditions. I have learned to make peace with that. I had to learn to shift my mentality to a grateful one to be able to overcome those bumps in the road. At this moment, I am dealing with my daughter's health again. For those that have a child with a medical condition, it is very hard. Not only for your child, but for your family. Navigating through life with the implications of a sick child are so difficult and draining. It took a while for us to make peace with the fact that this is our reality. But it is. There are moments of peace and moments of havoc. Because y'all know that when it rains, it pours. But we cannot allow these moments to define our lives and future. I have tripped, fallen and failed many times. But it's not about the number of times we've felt defeated, it's about how we go about overcoming that feeling. We are stronger than we think. You are not alone, if you are going through it right now? I am right there with you. Don't give up! We got this. Everyone is going through something we know nothing about, so

be kind.

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