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Reflection Friday

It's Reflection Friday! It's the last Friday of the year!!!!! How was your year?! I hope that it was productive and fulfilling. For me it was the beginning of many new things and the ending of one long term goal. Since my graduation as a cardiovascular tech in 2020 I couldn't find a job. I felt so unaccomplished and I needed to find a purpose again. I decided to begin this blog and podcast, because I felt I have so much to offer. I have always wanted to help people and this was how I felt I could do so. As I began this venture, I decided to go back to school, because I felt like I needed more in my life. Psychology is a field that I have always been interested in and knew it could help me with my future plans. As I am in the midst of this I finally get hired as an echo tech. All the doors opened at once and it was amazing. I was so grateful. But towards the end of the year as I was getting ready for graduation, it got a bit overwhelming and I had to prioritize my time. This meant less work out time and less Motto Bunnie/ Motto Moves time. It was hard to do, because I am so dedicated to all I do. But there was no way to manage all I had on my plate. This year taught me that patience is key, all the right things will come at the right time. It also taught me that sometimes you outgrow people and friends, but youre never to old to make new ones. New GOOD ones. Slow and steady wins the race, took me ten years, but I finally got my bachelors! And I was reminded that mental health is health. We have to take care of ourselves holistically. Please be kind, and please look out for your strong friends and happy friends. Just because people don't show that they're struggling it doesn't mean that they aren't. Don't be so quick to judge, were all going through something. We all need love and compassion. Within the highs and lows this year, I can only be grateful that we have made it through. Nothing is perfect. And I am ok with that. I am ready to take charge of this new year and I am excited to share it with you. Happy New Year! See y'all around next year!

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