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The two most asked questions.

The two most asked questions I get are: How do you do all you do? And what is the secret to the fountain of youth. Both are questions that for a long time made me laugh because I didn't realize people were seriously asking. To me, my day and life is routine is just that routine, and habit. After some time I did reflect on this and realize that at some point I wished to be where I am and didn't know how to exactly get here. To start with the first question, I have always been a very disciplined person. I am the type of person that was goal oriented and executional. That is one of the aspects of the Marine Corps that attracted me to the branch. I knew that I would enjoy and strive in a disciplined organization. While my time there was short, I know that it enhanced the way I see the world and take charge. When I was struggling with my mental health and barely making it through life I lost myself. I lost the core of what made me, me. And that meant I lost desire, interest and discipline. It took me years to be able to find myself and my fire. When I did, it was like muscle memory, and it slowly became a part of me again. What I learned is that it is important to take control of your mentality. This is a skill that needs practice like any other thing. It took time and it wasn't easy, but I was committed to heal and become the best me again. The first key for this is not allowing myself to think or second guess myself. For example, when my alarm goes off at 3:45 in the morning. I am EXHAUSTED!!!!! I do not want to get up. But If I allow myself to think that and believe it you will not get out of bed. If you allow yourself to convince yourself that you don't or can't get up. YOU WILL NOT GET UP! So, I just get up, I leave my coffee maker ready, I press brew; and I start my day. I make sure I work out in the morning because it's my therapy. My run is my daily free therapy, and I can clear my head. The reality for me is, that the rest of my day is too busy so most days if I don't work out early in the morning it won't happen. You have to carve out time for what is important for you and what is going to make you happy and better. Now the fountain of youth? That one I think is connected to the first question. I think that my appearance is due to the way I take care of myself. By this I mean what I allow in my life and in my body. Yes, exercise is important, but it is not the only thing that affects our body and mind. This is what I mean by that, I eat healthy every day. I make sure that I give my body what it needs, and yes, I exercise. This doesn't mean that I don't eat out, have a drink or indulge in anything. This means that I limit myself, for a long time I didn't have that discipline and it showed. This also includes people. You have to intake and surround yourself with people that are good for your mental health. People that are not good for you or to you will drain you and that will also take a toll on you body. Make sure to discard what does not serve you. I look back at pictures of myself around those times, both when I didn't take care of myself physically, emotionally and socially and you can tell the toll it took on me. I was worn down and you could see in my appearance and demeanor. Bottom line, make sure to be disciplined and decisive. Do Not second yourself, do not give in to those negative thoughts and people. Learning to shift your mindset is skill that needs practice to be strengthened. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. You got in you, the secrets out. Take it and be the best you.

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